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Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Its inventor, the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, described it in a whitepaper as far back as 2008. It was ultimately launched in early 2009. Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins. This is achieved by a shrinking inflation that is halved approximately once every 4 years.  Bitcoin is still the king among the cryptocurrencies, having the highest market capitalization and hashrate. It is considered to be the digital gold and the reserve currency of the crypto industry.

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Bitcoin News Ticker

13.10.2020 Stone Ridge invests $115 Million in Bitcoin

01.10.2020 Bitcoin dumps as CFTC indicts BitMex co-founder Arthur Hayes

25.09.2020 Putin, Navalny & Binance: Bitcoin news from Russia with love

16.09.2020 MicroStrategy increases Bitcoin reserves to $425 Million

09.09.2020 Kazakhstan invests $700 Million in Bitcoin mining

02.09.2020 Pornhub adds Bitcoin and Litecoin payments

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