Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver: Stop Using ‘Police Money’

The man, known as Bitcoin Jesus, has urged people to start using cryptocurrencies instead of what he calls “police money,” if they want to show their opposition to a corrupt justice system.

Founder and Executive Chairman of, Roger Ver, said in a YouTube video posted on June 3 that the best way to prevent police injustice is to stop participating in the financial system which supports it. Ver said:

“I think the best way anybody can help prevent this sort of injustice continuing in the future is to stop using their money. Stop using the dollar. Start using cryptocurrencies and stop participating in their system.”

Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver: Renounce the US Dollar

Ver, who gained the moniker of Bitcoin Jesus for his early support of Bitcoin and many crypto-related startups, was referring to an incident in his own past where he’d fallen afoul of the US justice system.

He stated that he has zero respect for the police or government prosecutors, and urged others like him to stop funding their existence. Ver himself voluntarily gave up his US citizenship in 2014, becoming a citizen of Caribbean nation Saint Kitts and Nevis.

“If you don’t think the police are doing a good job of protecting and serving – which is another lie – stop paying their salaries. Stop paying for them – and the way you can stop paying for them is to stop using their money,” Ver added.

Convert ‘Police Money’ to Crypto

The vocal supporter of Bitcoin Cash didn’t show any favouritism regarding which cryptocurrency people should use instead of FIAT. He said:

“We have cryptocurrency now. Pick whichever one – it could be Bitcoin Cash, it could be Bitcoin, it could be Ethereum. It doesn’t matter which one it is, but pick one of them and start using it.”

Ver suggested that people convert any “police money” they receive into the cryptocurrency of their choice. He said, “Start using it for all your shopping, start using it any time someone needs to pay you. If someone still pays you in the police money, convert that into cryptocurrency and start using that too.”

Roger Ver
Roger Ver

Financial Sovereignty as Antidote to Corruption

Ver believes that granting people sovereignty over their own finances will naturally erode the government’s power to fund unethical and illegal wars.

The latest video posted to Ver’s YouTube channel focuses on his historic troubles with government prosecutors, following on from one which focused on police corruption, posted on June 2. The next government institution on Ver’s list is apparently the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), expected tomorrow.

Ver ended the rant by adding:

“So if you’re opposed to police brutality, police corruption and government corruption… stop funding them. Stop using their money. We have an alternative, it’s called cryptocurrency. Use it today.”

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