Bitcoin and Ethereum stumbles, Ripple (XRP) Unshaken

Bitcoin and Ethereum stumbles, Ripple (XRP) Unshaken

The top two crypto-dogs are stumbling with each passing day. Some days a peak, other days a significant decline. The last 24hrs happen to be one of the latter days with Ethereum losing as much as 1.48% while Bitcoin suffers a 0.52% decline.

On the 12th of November, Bitcoin opened at a promising trading price of $6411.76, in mid-day, the bull hit an all-time high of $6434.21, expected to topple the $6,450 to $6,500 resistance level, but hit rock bottom in split seconds and dropped way down to $6360.47 then it finally closed at $6371.27.

Bitcoin’s trading volume on BitMex exchange against the USD reached 18.71% and with the South Korean won backing it up on Coinbit to further fuel its volume to hit 5.49%, giving it a total of $4.45 billion in trading volume.

As of this writing, Bitcoin’s volatility manages to descend in small units whilst trading volume swells upward to reach $4.49 billion with a current trading price on the $6,300 level. Will Bitcoin shiver a lot harder and birth a bearish crisis? The next 24hrs will tell.

Bitcoin and Ethereum stumbles, Ripple (XRP) Unshaken

Ethereum has in the very same fashion been pulled by the bearish market affecting its trading price with up to 1.61%. Ethereum traded at $211.51 yesterday and reached a daily all-time high of $212.62. An unexpected low of $208.92 and struggled to balance its momentum with a closing price of $210.42. Today, Ethereum trades at $207.98.

Meanwhile, XRP stands tall, fearless and unshaken with a rise of $2.77. Ripple opened at $0.507833 and closed at $0.517165 in a span of 24hrs. Trading volume surged from $605 million to 667 million. Trading volume against Bitcoin hit 15.41% to birth its current trading price of $0.519298.

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