BitArk, the world’s first layer2 distributed storage protocol

Web 3.0 distributed storage applications is about to explode

From web 1.0 to web 2.0, the Internet has been growing and progressing rapidly in the past couples of decades. Now, web 3.0 starts coming into our life.  Web 3.0 will bring a significant revolution to the world, creating an era of deeper user-interaction, and building a more open, equal and free network environment. The ownership of the value of data is essential in Web 3.0. We need the decentralized interaction protocols and platforms, distributed storage and other core technologies. The distributed storage presents better data storage solution which is more secure, efficient, and cost effective. It is undoubted that Web3.0 will construct the next generation Internet with distributed storage technology as the infrastructure foundation

Recently, a revolutionary distributed storage protocol for web 3.0 has come to our view. It is called BitArk. BitArk protocol is designed for the Web3.0 era. It is a general distributed data storage protocol compatible with many different platforms. It is developed with a vision of creating a general distributed storage application ecosystem.

As we know, in the era of Web 3.0, more interactive behaviors would occur on the network. The storage and ascription of data becomes extremely important. At the same time, the demands of the storage field are diversifying. The different individuals, families, groups and companies have all kinds of different requirements and expectation for how data is stored. The traditional cloud storage services are certainly not sufficient and sustainable. The world needs storage applications customized with the specific functions. Lower cost, faster transition, safer and permanent storage capacity, with all those labels, the distributed storage empowers the largescale development ofstorage applications. We should expect it would happen in the near future.

BitArk has established a development environment that allows developers to easily develop the dedicated storage applications for an organization, a group, or even an individual. The scale and amount of the storage applications would be able to promptly grow during a short period of time. From this perspective, BitArk acts as a new type of digital incubator. It supports the storage application developed with BitArk protocol to offer the services to individuals, companies, institutions and all kinds of user. The service objects are not only limited to the personal data, such as personal blog, notes, genealogy, paintings, etc, but also the scientific research data, artistic creation and others generated in the business industries.

To encourage the adoption, BitArk offers amount of free storage capacity for the developers, which greatly reduces the application investment. BitArk provides the API interface and SDK development environment, which is applicable for developers to easily create and deploy various applications with the specific data storage requirements. Developers can be individuals, companies or institutions. They can receive the support of BitArk free storage space as long as the application is developed following the rules of BitArk agreement. Only the certified applications can be launched on BitArk’s official application platform.

BitArk is committed to building the ecology of storage applications. The team focus on the establish a set of rules and standards of the ecology. The applications can only be authorized to use BitArk protocol in the condition of meeting the standards and requirements. BitArk protocol contains a set of incentive mechanism to encourage the development of applications.  All the applications launched on the official BitArk application platform have opportunity to be rewarded. The evaluation is carried out from multiple dimensions, such as security, user interface design, interaction efficiency, the functionality, and maintenance effort, etc. An excellent application will be promoted in the BitArk recommendation list. BitArk also rewards the developer for the user scale, version stability and the interactivity of the stored data.

At the present, there are already dozens of applications developed based on BitArk, including personal data storage, astronomical data storage, and NFT data storage, etc. A lot of projects are on the way. Especially, the personal digital immortality project has been very popular BitArk will also become the infrastructure of the meta universe along its progression of becoming the foundation of web 3.0. Some famous influential investors have supported BitArk protocol and decided to invest it.

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