Bexplus Has Launched Annualized Interest-Bearing Bitcoin Investment Option

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May 2020Bexplus officially announces a bitcoin wallet system to be a solution for traders to store their bitcoin when they’re not trading. The Bexplus wallet offers an annual interest rate as high as 30% for the stored assets.

Founded in late 2017, Bexplus has been focusing on 100x leverage futures trading for millions of crypto traders all over the world. Currently, Bexplus has run offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, the US, and the UK and keeps constantly expanding worldwide. Bexplus is renowned for its easy-to-use 100x leverage trading tool to help crypto traders to find profits on both directions of crypto price changes, whether going up or down, whether in the bull market or in the bear market.

Features of the Bexplus Wallet Service

Cold-Wallet Mechanism & Anti-hacker
Bexplus runs a cold wallet store mechanism to store the cryptos. Once Bexplus confirms to receive the deposit, the bitcoin is encrypted with multi-signature and stored in an offline wallet system and gets separated from your trading and saving activities, only when an application of withdrawal can move the bitcoins to be transferred to a withdrawal destination.

2FA Protection
Bexplus users can bind a 2FA setting to their own Google Authenticator which only grants permissions from their own mobile phones.

No Deposit Fee & Fast Withdrawal
Bexplus charges nothing for the deposit. If users want to withdraw the funds, the application will be processed and done in from 30 minutes to 12 hours.

No Verifications (KYC)
Bexplus runs a low-disturbance communication mode. Bexplus does not ask any personal details before sign-up and using the service.

Mobile-Friendly for Android & iOS
Bexplus creates a mobile trading experience that is smooth, simple, and professional as it is on the webpage. The official mobile apps can be downloaded from Google Play and Appstore.

Easy Transfer Between Trading & Saving
The bull market can emerge in any second, Bexplus wallet allows you to move the funds to the trading account to catch the signal immediately, it’s without delay and stop-to-check procedure from the system.

Tiers of interest rate based on the saving amount
The rate is based on saving amount, if higher than 0.05 BTC, the user’s wallet will see an annualized interest rate from 18.00% to 30.00%。

Register at or download Bexplus mobile apps to create a wallet account.

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