Band Protocol Price Forecast – When Will BAND Continue Rising Again?

Band Protocol’s price reached its all time high at $18.1 and was able to correct a bit. When will BAND’s price continue rising?

BAND Protocol's price and market cap according to coinmarketcap
Band Protocol – Coinmarketcap

With a market cap of $257 Million, BAND was able to jump from rank 88 to 56 on Coinmarketcap!

Band Protocol Price Forecast – currently 26,62x since the IEO on Binance!

BAND Protocol's return on investment according to ICODrops
Band Protocol – ICODrops

Since IEO, the price of Band Protocol (BAND) was able to rise by over 26x! The current price of BAND in USD is 26.62x its price when it launched on Binance. Because of this, early BAND investors were able to multiply their original investments.

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Band Protocol Price Forecast – all time high broken, new all time high established!

BAND's price in US Dollar weekly chart on tradingview
BAND/USD Weekly – Tradingview

After Band Protocol established a new all time high at $18.1, the price underwent a correction down almost to the golden ratio around $8.7. Currently however, Band Protocol’s price seems to have found support at the 0.382 Fib level around $12.4.

The MACD is still bullish in the weekly chart, and the RSI could soon be leaving the overbought regions.

Band Protocol Price Forecast – bearish MACD in the daily chart!

BAND's price in US Dollar daily chart on tradingview
BAND/USD Daily – Tradingview

On this day, a “bullish engulfing candle” might be in the making, potentially signalling a trend reversal and an end of the correction. However, it should be observed whether BAND gets rejected at the 0.382 Fib level around $12.4. If this happens, BAND could be falling back to the golden ratio support around $8.7.

The MACD lines have crossed bearishly here, however the histogram is already ticking higher today. It is to be seen if a bearish rejection will take place at the 0.382 Fib level.

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Band Protocol Price Forecast – against Bitcoin at the 0.382 Fib level!

BAND's price in Bitcoin weekly chart on tradingview
BAND/BTC Weekly – Tradingview

Also against Bitcoin, the BAND price has reached the 0.382 Fib level, where the Band Protocol token currently finds support. Should the 0.382 Fib level around 0.000938 BTC break, BAND could fall back to the golden ratio around 0.000590 BTC.

However, should the support hold, the upwards trend could continue. The MACD at least is still looking bullish.

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