Band Protocol: Atomic Wallet Integration, 2nd Testnet Launch

Band Protocol released a community update on May 02, which listed major project developments and partnerships. The team stated that they are fast approaching the mainnet stage with the launch of testnet #2 with 17 industry leading genesis validators. They also announced partnerships with Atomic Wallet for staking, Kyber Protocol for improving liquidity, KardiaChain and FinNexus for provision of accurate decentralized data oracles.

Wenchang Testnet #2

Band Protocol launched the Wenchang testnet #2 on April 14, bringing the project one step closer to the mainnet launch. The launch was deemed successful and 800,000 blocks in total have been mined already with zero downtime.

1/ Band Protocol’s Wenchang Testnet #2 launched on April 14 2:00PM UTC successfully with all 17 validators participating.

With over 30,000 blocks mined already, you can check out the BandChain explorer (powered by @Forbole):

👉— Band Protocol (@BandProtocol) April 15, 2020

Santiment #4 In Development Activity

Band Protocol was ranked #4 by the cryptocurrency analytics service Santiment in development activity, amongst all ERC-20 projects in March 2020.

Progress On Oracle Functionality, BandChain, Bridge Contracts And Oracle WebAssembly

The team is putting final touches to the Phase 1 of the project, which covers large scale improvements including flexible data queries through oracle scripts in WebAssembly supported languages, multi blockchain support and built-in oracle scripts ready for integration into projects (crypto price & volume, traditional stock prices, random number generation etc.). The team is also taking steps to make sure that BandChain is secure at launch.

BandChain Block Explorer

As it is necessary for all blockchain projects, the team is developing the native BandChain block explorer, to provide real time updates about the state of the network, complete with hardware wallet integrations.

KyberSwap And Atomic Swap Partnership

Leading automated liquidity provider Kyber Protocol recently listed Band Protocol on its KyberSwap platform. This will provide BAND token holders with increased liquidity and more flexibility in buying. It will also make the data request process smoother/efficient from the decentralized exchanges integrating Band Protocol.

1/ 🚀 Band Protocol is thrilled to announce that $BAND has been listed on @KyberNetwork’s decentralized exchange!@KyberSwap broke $196M in volume in March and will drive liquidity & exposure of $BAND to almost 100 dApps that are integrated with Kyber.— Band Protocol (@BandProtocol) April 7, 2020

Popular cryptocurrency wallet Atomic Wallet integrated Band Protocol with full support. It can be used for storing, buying, staking, delegating and swapping BAND tokens.

We’ve partnered with @BandProtocol and will integrate full wallet and staking support for the $BAND token!

Band Protocol is a decentralized data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data to smart contracts.— (@AtomicWallet) April 30, 2020

KardiaChain Partnership

Band Protocol also entered into a partnership with KardiaChain – a Layer 1 blockchain network working with enterprises and Govt sector, including Gelaximco conglomerate and ON Sports a betting DApp. Band Protocol will provide highly secure and robust oracles for crypto-assets prices, real world/sports events data, enterprise and identity data etc. to KardiaChain.

1/ $BAND has partnered up with @KardiaChain $KAI to become its standard oracle, providing price feed, business data, and identity to power multi-billion dollar enterprise and government blockchain applications.

More on our partnership 👇— Band Protocol (@BandProtocol) April 22, 2020

FinNexus Partnership

Band Protocol has entered in another important partnership with FinNexus, to facilitate Decentralized Finance (DeFi) DApps, tokenized real world assets and decentralized options. It will do so by bringing secure unaltered data on-demand from other blockchains and traditional finance.

RT @fin_nexus: RT @GCrypto_News: FinNexus has partnered with Band Protocol to power decentralized asset-backed tokens 👉— FinNexus Australia (@FinnexusAU) May 9, 2020

About Band Protocol

Band Protocol is a cross-chain (multiple blockchain compatible) decentralized data oracle project that provides and manages real world / event data to smart contracts. It enables the provision of secure and reliable feeds, which are tamper resistant and don’t have a single point of failure. The project is backed by leading organizations such as venture capital Sequoia Capital and the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

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