ARK is Set to Release Core v2 into the Open Market this November

ARK is Set to Release Core v2 into the Open Market this November

ARK, a Cross-blockchain communication ecosystem is set to release the much anticipated Core v2 into the open market on November 28 2018.

The Backbone of the ARK blockchain

The much touted and anticipated Corev2 for ARK is hitting on the front door of MainNet.

The newly developed and much-improved code base has been formed from scratch, prompting ARK to move it into the leading network, thereby becoming the backbone of the ARK blockchain.

One of the main objectives of ARK is to provide the same accessibility and scalability for customs blockchain as WordPress provides for custom websites. But with the new and improved model, coupled with ARK’s interoperability features makes for it the perfect ecosystem for the interconnected plug-and-play chains.


The new development will give room for nearly all aspect of the ARK code base to be modified, extended and easily replace. It will also provide room for blockchain developers to have maximum flexibility in aligning their bridge chains to showcase the goals and objectives of their organizations.

New Improved Features

The new Core V2 is equipped with quite a lot of amazing features, they include;

  •    Plugin System- Most of the ARK’s processes are now recoupled, modularized and developed as plugins, so it will be quite easy, just like writing a few lines to remove or add new plugins to the system
  •    Dynamic fees- This particular feature helps each delegate to lord over each transaction by giving them the autonomy to fix their own fees and also get user option to modify and pay fees they are comfortable with for sending transactions.
  •    New API- The new and improved API is more stable and a whole lot more powerful, it provides additional endpoints, follows latest API standards and gives room for the developers to have access to more information.
  •    Better Transaction Pool Management-  The new and highly improved transaction pool is leveraging the power of memory and SQLite, providing reliability, stability and will lay the foundation for future optimizations.

The Process

The ARK team on November 28, 2018, will install the new Core on their servers. This means that anyone that wants to run a node will have to replace their old decrypted ARKNode code with ARKCore. During the transition, users might experience slight difficulties, it will fade with time and normal services will be restored in no time.

End users will have to update their wallets to be latest version that supports the new protocol, either desktop or mobile wallet.

More from ARK this Year

  •    Whitepaper v2- Rewritten whitepaper, which will cover ARK basics, and go into details of some of the fundamental aspects of it, along with the near and far version of ARK
  •    ARK Pay-  It’s an open-source library that gives room for vendors and merchants to implement and start accepting ARK as a means of payment in online shops
  •    ARK Desktop Wallet v2- The new wallet brings in new codebase, improved UI, active fee support and lots more.

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