An Airplane on sell for BNB: Will the Binance token become a mainstream crypto way of payment?


  • Aeron is offering to sell an aircraft in exchange for crypto.
  • The plane is for sell for 268,000 Euros, or 31,603 BNB or 446,666 ARN coins.
  • This is a significant new development for BNB, as well as crypto in general, and it might represent a major step on the road of mass adoption of BNB.

It appears that crypto has come a long way in recent years. The industry’s supporters and community members have been pushing hard to secure wider adoption, and those efforts have already felt. While cryptos are still far from becoming a mainstream form of payment, a lot of online shops are already accepting them.

One such shop is a venture named Pilot Shop, belonging to a startup called Aeron, which offers items related to aviation. Among other products, the shop recently offered an airplane, more specifically — 2007 Columbia 350 SL. The model can be purchased for €268,000, which is currently equal to 31,603.77 BNB, or 446,666.67 ARN. Right now, the plane is being kept in Austria, and it has had 604 flight hours during its lifetime.


BNB to become a mainstream crypto payment as BTC and ETH?

The owner of the aircraft is probably unknown, but their decision to accept crypto as a form of payment is fascinating to a lot of people. Furthermore, the decision to receive BNB payments was welcomed by a lot of outlets, which have announced that they might do the same.

This might lead to an entirely new use case for BNB, which was only ever supposed to be used within Binance itself. However, this development seems to indicate that the coin is evolving into crypto that may end up being used for different types of payments. CZ, CEO of Binance, personally announced the move, and many have remembered that he also promised to “personally shill any project that starts using BNB.”

Cryptocurrency supporters will be pleased to learn that adding support for digital currency payments seems to be a new trend in some parts of the world. Usually, the go-to coins are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. One little example of this is a Hinomaru Limousine, a Tokyo-based firm that plans to accept BTC, ETH, and BCH for transportation services.

Similar news came from Switzerland, where a watchmaker Hublot also announced limited support for crypto payments. Getting cryptocurrencies to mass adoption and mainstream usage is not a simple process, mainly due to numerous issues such as high volatility and the lack of regulations. However, small developments like these represent essential steps that will eventually allow mass adoption to happen.

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