Altexch | All you need to know about the Next Generation Platform

Altexch | All you need to know about the Next Generation Platform

The Blockchain technology has been the hottest talking point in the tech and investment industry. It has changed the way we use things, increased the number of innovation, and the way humans invest.

In this article, we will take you through a CryptoCurrency exchange platform where one can trade coins for both long term and short term.

We will first start with a brief introduction on AltExch and then move ahead with a guide on how to buy coins on their platform.

What is AltExch and what are some of the best coins on AltExch?  

Altexch is a platform that is available to trade different currencies while also giving a user an option to store currencies for long-term trading. The AltExch has also released its own coin that is in ICO stage for the next 20 days and available at $0.01/coin which can be purchased on their own platform.

The platform is said to host 500+ coins and integrate a guide for newcomers that will help them to take initial steps in trading. It is also said that they will have sufficient statistical data present on their platform that would help experienced people to trade on AlExch.

Here are some of the top currencies that will be available for trading on AltExch:








Monero, and others.

Now, we will take you through a guide of buying coins on AltExch platform.


  1.    If you are looking to buy any of the coins on their platform, then you can visit their website and register.
  2.    While registering, you need to enter your identification details along with your bitcoin/ether wallet address for verification.
  3.    It takes about 1-2 working days for the verification to process.
  4.    After the verification is complete and your profile is approved, you can start trading for long and short purposes respectively.

Going ahead, we will talk about three features that would make you trade on AltExch.

Features of AltExch

Here are the three of the best features of AltExch as follows –

  1.    It is a platform that guides both types of traders through their statistics and guides. It also allows users to store their currencies in their wallet and withdraw it within a day to their bitcoin/eth address.
  2.    The second feature that we are going to talk about is referral commission; the platform gives you 35% of the first 100$ spent by your referred trader on AltExch. It has also been one of the main reasons behind their attraction at such an early stage.
  3.    The third feature is about the security measures that the platform is taken, it is verified by individual councils and top security firms that confirms the platform to be fully secured for trading.

Interesting Fact

AltExch had issued 1 billion coins of their currency at a price of $0.01, and in about ten days, 60% of it was sold through its platform. There’s another reason on why you should choose AltExch.

Note: The facts, figures, and features that we are talking about in this article is thoroughly verified by the company through its official report that can also be accessed through their website,

Wrapping up

AltExch is said to be one of the most promising exchange platforms due to its features that have been stated above.

The industry is growing day in, and day out, this would help their coin grow and help people who had bought the coin at the first stage of ICO that’s been running now.

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