Altcoins Continuous Bleeding: Bitcoin Dominance Hits 2-Year High

Despite yesterday’s price crash, Bitcoin’s dominance increases further, reaching a 28-month high with a BTC dominance index of 66.7%.

Surviving The Crash

CryptoPotato reported that Bitcoin’s price crashed yesterday, causing the whole crypto market to collapse with it. As of yesterday, BTC had lost 23% of its value in five days. But Bitcoin was not among the biggest losers.

Many large- and mid-cap coins have suffered double-digit losses with ETH losing 17.2% and Bitcoin SV more than 22%. Despite the crash, Bitcoin has managed to climb back from $10,200 to nearly $10,800 in 24 hours, netting a 4.7% increase.

Most altcoins are in the green too, but from the top 10 cryptos by market cap only BCH and BSV have managed to rise above BTC’s gains after marking an increase of 7.80% and 7.21%, respectively.

Bitcoin Continues to Wreck Altcoins

While major altcoins have managed to net significant gains to the USD, Bitcoin greatly outperformed them in the last three months.

Ethereum gained nearly 40%, Litecoin 14%, and BNB, fueled by Binance’s Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) – 45%, Bitcoin doubled its price, surging by 112% in the same three-month period.

As BTC continues to wreck altcoins, its dominance is surging, reaching a 28-month, The last time the index was as high was back in April 2017.

Commenting on the matter was popular cryptocurrency trader @MacnBTC. By converting the combined market cap of all altcoins in BTC, the trader draws some interesting conclusions.

Unfortunately for some, it doesn’t seem like altcoins are in a position to make a comeback. The fact that they didn’t reclaim any grounds following Bitcoin’s latest crash but on the contrary – tanked even lower, is also indicative of their current weakness.

With all this in mind, it would be interesting to see whether Bitcoin can reach 70% in the BTC dominance index and whether altcoins will be able to recover from Bitcoin’s shadow if this happens.

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