Slot games are incredibly popular in both online and real-life casinos. In fact, they can be the most popular out of all the casino games. There are many reasons for this but the most common ones are that they are very easy to play and don’t really require a lot of thinking. You also need not bet high amount of money, making them a safer option to play especially if you are on a budget. However, when it comes to slot games, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that people believe in and we are here to clear those away.

Loose versus tight slots

People believe that some slots are set to pay at lower levels than some other slot machines meaning that they are “tighter”. And some machines pay more than the others meaning they are “looser”. This is actually true. There are some slots that don’t pay as much because the casinos want the tourists to play on them. The loose and tight slots are more common in real life casinos. Those who have been playing slots for a while will probably understand the difference.

The more frequent you play, the better your chances

This is completely false because all slot machines operate on the basis of random number generators making them independent of the previous spins. And this applies to all the slot machines whether you are playing a slot game w88, or in a real-life casino. So this means that if a slot has just hit a jackpot, and you feel like it will do it again you will probably be proved wrong. Unless you have insane luck.

The casino can modify the slot machine by pressing a couple of buttons

This is again a misconception because the slot machines cannot be modified by the casino managers. They can only be tweaked by the manufacturers who make it. And even the casino managers have the authority to do some modifications; they can only do them under the supervision of a certified gaming commission. The need to modify the slot machine has to be approved by the gaming commission who will in turn agree and regulate whether or not the casino is following all the rules.

Higher denomination slot machines versus lower denomination

People believe that higher denomination slot machines pay more frequently than the lower ones, and this is true however the payouts aren’t as large and are in fact smaller than the lower denomination slots.

But with that being said, the payouts are fixed and they pay on the basis of a multiplier, meaning the amount you bet is multiplied by a figure which is the payout you are supposed to get. So it is true that if you want a larger pay out, you probably should bet larger too. And if you want to play it safe and bet pennies, then the result is not going to be that hefty either.

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