A New Look into Real Estate and FinTech Investing

Over the lifetime of a business, obstacles of various kinds are set to be encountered. One of the most common ones is the lack of capital. To overcome this, businesses will need to raise funds that can either be done by cutting back or raising money through investors. However, if a business chooses to raise money through investors, it needs to prove its viability either through having a business proposal or have initiated proof of concept for the idea. Currently, this applies to businesses that are expanding at a very fast rate. These business sectors are mainly the real estate sector and the Fintech sector. Expanding businesses in these sectors are capital intensive. 

With the introduction of Wolfs Group platform, businesses can access capital easily and investors can invest their money in promising businesses. Not only does Wolfs Group provide investment and capital opportunities, but it is also a Blockchain-based platform ensuring investors get access to some of the companies utilizing the newest technologies.

So What Exactly is Wolfs Group Platform

As an already established business with over 20 years in the investing sector, Wolfs Group OÜ is a platform that provides a platform where the business (mainly in real estate and fintech) can get capital and where investors can invest their money on promising start-ups. Additionally, the platform functions as a private equity fund where investors can buy and sell bonds and shares of entities in real estate. It is crucial to note that Wolfs Group manages its assets based on a given country’s laws.

The platform comprises of three main pillars of promising markets;

  1. Real Estate termed as Wolfs Development

This is focused on the broadly defined real estate market with an emphasis on merging real estate with economic innovation. The company’s operations involve purchasing properties and monetizing them with a focus on effective management. It also looks at finding new locations for developing small-scale luxury developments.

  1. New Technologies termed as Wolfs FPE

This pillar focuses on incorporating Blockchain and other new technologies in its operations to improve efficiency, reduce operation cost and scale businesses.

  1. Fintech termed as Ferpay Ltd

This is a modern finance-oriented company that facilitates quick and secure international money transfers.

Wolfs Group brings to the market a new way for businesses to get capital and for investors to get access to promising start-ups. Certainly, all the four pillars will have a relationship with an aim to diversify the investment and ensure all involved parties attain their goals.

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