360 ° trading from Switzerland – UpBots combines all-important trading tools

UpBots, a Swiss all-in-one platform, is famous for passionate supporters and traders of cryptocurrencies and established commercial markets. UpBots is the first All-in-one Swiss Trading Platform on the Blockchain. It is the leading comprehensive trading marketplace beneath the Swiss Law, giving trading tools, bots, tactics, and trading courses into one separate interface.

UpBots aim is to build the chosen platform for newcomers as well as for expert traders who always strive for various tools and proper interfaces for the supervision and management of their portfolio. It gives extensive tools for expert trading and an easy-to-use trading interface. To execute this, UpBots proposes to consolidate all necessary services and tools in one platform, which can be utilized both on mobile devices and on the computer. In other words, the UpBots platform makes it easy for newcomers trading the cryptocurrency or forex & gives a high-level interface with a singular point of authority for experienced traders.

UpBots: The most important features

  • Blockchain-based trading platform that is connected to the most important exchanges. 
  • Web and mobile version
  • A comprehensive collection of advanced tools and trading strategies.
  • Training area to learn how to handle and trade cryptocurrencies.
  • Copy trading tools for beginners and busy people.
  • Area for the development of algorithms for trading bots and their rental.
  • Selection of automated trading software already set up Tools to assess sentiment and facilitate decision making when investing.
  • Wallet tracking to keep track of its performance

What makes UpBots unique?

Becoming a crypto trader is an exercise that can suddenly become very time eating. Some traders are fascinated by this new opportunity but don’t want to waste their time doing scientific and structural analysis. Others with more knowledge need advanced parameters to automatize their tactics that are often missing in trading bots. UpBots tries to consolidate the most essential services and applications in one platform. The control among the Swiss jurisdictions is a big plus and guarantees security among users and the diversity of characteristics that are to be given are exceptional. 

The primary distinction between UpBots and its competitors is that UpBots is based on blockchain. According to the company, this platform gives security, assurance, and clarity. The crew behind the platform is characterized as a gathering of specialists and prosperous administrators who have expertise in creating an ecosystem. The Upboats goal is to expand to traditional markets and in the future is to include all kinds of assets, enabling traders to diversify their wallets and to have comprehensive management of all their investments. 

At UpBots, users can concentrate on the uniqueness and variety of different traders. For some, it is sufficient if they can follow the trades of a prosperous trader and thus make a few profits. In contrast, others want to discover the entire methods before trading and want to discover out about the underlying technologies. With the impressive range of tools and services for trading, UpBots will be the right platform for both types of investors.


The UBXt token

In UpBots, there is a separate token called UBXt, which will be tradable. Its core purpose will be its value as a method of payment on the platform, such as the payment of expenses for in-house and external trading bots, orders, copy trading, and monthly membership fees. To generate incentives for trading the UBXt token, there will be several elevations such as a token burning program, rewards for holding tokens, and much more. The UpBots private sale is still taking place. In this course, UBXt is sold for $ 0.01 with a hard cap of $ 500,000 and a locking period of 6 months. Then there will be a pre-sale and the classic token sale. In the progress of this open-ended funding, UpBots was able to get $550,000 pre-seed capital.

The UBXt token is based on the decentralized Ethereum market standard smart contract ERC20 token. UBXt tokens are developed within the blockchain and controlled to automated accomplishment upon the event of predefined rules and activities and subject to specific requirements. As such, they are legitimate continually and are the assets of their corresponding holders.


UBXt tokens will be allocated in direct relationship to the amount spent by the members during the sale per the Token Purchase Terms and Conditions. Additionally, UpBots has applied the settings of an escrow account Blockchain Law Group. This involves an extra level of security and gives more certainty for contributors that the allocation of tokens will be attending UpBots’s smart contract conditions.

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Direct contact to UpBots for private sale and crowdfunding inquires: [email protected]

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